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      • Golden rules for Persian rug care
      • Golden rules for Persian rug care
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      Are your rugs handmade?

      All the area rugs and carpets carried by JeddiCarpet co. are handmade or hand knotted. We travel all over the rug producing areas of Iran choosing genuine handmade Persian rugs offer for sale on our site.

      Are your area rugs one-of-a-kind?

      Every handmade rug and carpet on JeddiCarpet co. is unique. As they are hand made, no two rugs can be exactly the same. Similar designs and styles, in smaller or larger sizes are available, but never exactly the same. Each rug will have a slight variation of color, symbolism and individuality.

      What are the materials used for your rugs?

      Most of the rugs on JeddiCarpet co. are 100% silk, with hair foundation. In some of the finer pieces, a wool pile with silk highlights on a cotton or silk foundation will be used. In truly fine pieces, pure silk both for the pile and the foundation will be used. The material for each rug is clearly displayed in the rug details or rug information page.

      Are your Persian area rugs and carpets perfectly symmetrical?

      All our rugs are hand-woven and not machine made. Minor differences in the detail of the pattern may occur. This does not in any way reflect any imperfection in the quality of the rug. This situation will occur more with tribal pieces than with rugs woven by city weavers. The looms used in the villages and rural areas are mostly horizontal looms, which are often taken apart and reassembled due to their nomadic way of life. Tribal rugs take longer to weave and the variations in climate can also stretch and contract the loom. These conditions make it extremely hard to weave a perfectly symmetrical piece.

       Do your images reflect the true colors of your rugs?

      We at JeddiCarpet co. work hard to visually represent our Persian rugs and Oriental area rugs in their truest form. Our lighting is professionally set up to represent bright daylight. Our close-up images are the best way to judge the actual colors of each rug. There are many types of monitors available and each one represents colors differently. Try looking at the photos of our area rugs on two or three different monitors. If they're the same or very close, you can be confident that you're seeing the colors correctly.

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