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      • Golden rules for Persian rug care
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      About Us

      About my father

      Abolghasem Jeddi

      jeddi carpet received many order from the surrounding cities thanks to his vast experience in the business with his art and experience, jeddi carpet gave a new life to wool, and silk by the colors he gained from warm and cold colors in the nature. After a while Mr ,jeddi carpet started learning the profession of coloring , Started his main profession which was production of hand carpets.
      With much work in the field of silk carpet production, jeddi could show his art to the People of the word .jeddi carpet has proved his art in the field of carpet export to number of countries as such as (Japan , Germany, Italy , France , and Arab countries ......) 
      jeddi carpet is currently expanding this economic and industrial activity of the country and could establish carpet weaving workshop in the cities of Kashan , Arak and Ghom
      The important point that has been common among customers is the art of jeddi.
      The customers call his work multi color carpet which is mainly due to variety of colors and color nest to other colors. jeddi carpet can give a special and new by perspective to the carpet.
      jeddi carpet has been thoroughly and professionally manipulating new and old designs and has invented unique designs and as the result has managed to preserve the position of Iranian art in today's modern world.


      About Myself

      Masuood Jeddi

      My name is Masood Jeddi, son of Master A. Ghasem Jeddi. I was born in 1985, in the holy city of Qom, where I also went to high school. I moved to Tehran to go to Australian "TAFE College". In 2008 I Received my Bachelor of Science (BS) in Information Technology, however I decided to follow my father's footsteps, so I got into the business having my father's path in mind.

      Back in Qom and at my father's shop I watched him creating masterpieces, giving life to silk and wool. Because of his extraordinary masterpieces, he was receiving orders from all around Qom area, and thanks to his vast experience and knowledge of product, he managed to keep all customers satisfied. I witnessed how he made cold colors to come alive and turn into their natural warm colors, like you could feel them dancing in front of you.

       During my college years I started in my father's business gaining the experience needed to be learned and at the same time make a name of my own in the oldest and most beautiful field of Persian Rug industry hoping to take advantage of my father's experience. It took him four decades to make his silk carpets so popular all around the world. Countries such as Japan, Germany, Italy, France, and Persian Gulf region countries are a few of many other countries where his art has become well-known and by following this successful process, I managed to start and grow within this most popular national industry, manufacturing and offering silk carpets in Cities of Qom, Kashan, and Arak.

      To ease up this business endeavor and make it a pleasant global experience for all valued customers, I decided to put my knowledge of IT into my business and developed a web site where I can better present my services. This way I'm able to showcase all my latest carpets, take orders on-line, and most of all introduce all new carpet lovers to the art of silk rugs. Please visit our huge inventory at:



      Why are we?
      1- We have a strong team with more experience in technique and production our company was establish in 1974  carpet industry.
      2-We have our own silk reeling workshop, dyeing workshop, weaving workshop and finished workshop. The yearly production capacity of ours is 74000 sq.ft..
      3-You can choose whichever silk rug you prefer from our warehouse, in various size, design and quality.
      4-As a responsible factory and supplier, our handmade rug is more competitive due to our factory price and guaranteed quality.
      5-We give more technical service and best after sales service to our customers.
      6-All customers can expect us to process silk rug by their own design, size and other special requirements.
      7-We have no minimum limit for your order, even 1 piece, you still can select from our warehouse.
      8-If you wish, we can offer you our latest rug photos regularly for your reference.

      We are grateful that you have taken the trouble to visit our website. We do hope that you feel comfortable enough to take your enquiry to the next stage and we look forward to hearing from you.

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